Logistics Challenges in India and how to Overcome Them

Highways still being the primary mode of transport carrying 65 percent of total goods as per NHDP, India and its road cargo transport heavily relies on trucks and its various types.  However, besides GST enabling an uniterrupted flow of goods without any geographical divide, there are multiple challenges to be overcome. Achieving robust economies through better ways of logistics management calls for a safe, efficient and viable transportation system that can reduce logistics costs. The key to this milestone will be to drastically reduce cycle times limiting complexities in spotting orders, quickly completing delivery processes and placing new ones. Availability of trucks, drivers, and profitable transit routes adds to the pile of concerns for which visibility into the marketplace is quintessential. How do we achieve this? Employing more professionals at each point of operations, increasing the number of trucks or implementing comprehensive technology? The best pick of the epoch is technology, the one-shot solution for a full range of freightage needs.

Technology is the Enabler

The Logistics sector is still unorganized which needs a reshuffling with rapid tech-adoption. Today, India stands second only to China, as per Emerging Markets Logistics Index-2017, as a potential logistics sector in the world. In that light, new-age technology is being increasingly implemented to optimize the use of fleet, improve route planning and achieve operational efficiency. Logistics enterprises need to embrace paperless backend operations, real-time vehicle tracking, and best utilization of available data to thwart new market competitions and be on the winning edge of technology. Well, a plethora of solutions including GPS-based equipment, predictive analytics, driver behaviour monitoring and on-demand assistance in case of machine failures and breakdowns supports these initiatives. The unmatched transparency these technologies can offer is set to transform the overall traditional logistics picture. The call of the new era is here, let technology take its stand operating end-to-end processes, with manual workforce just being secondary. As the famous saying iterates “Good lawyers run away from risks, while good businessmen run towards risk factors,” having the right technology in hand gives you the confidence to forge ahead, conquer the risks and emerge as market leaders.

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